How can you measure the brightness of a star? A star’s brightness is measured by the amount of darkness that surrounds it. The greater the darkness, the brighter the star shines. Now imagine that you are that star but instead of being surrounded by total darkness, you are surrounded by challenges. My philosophy is that […]

Let your flowers blossom and destroy the weeds in your garden. Plant seeds of hope and faith. Plant seeds of HAPPINESS. Plant seeds of GREATNESS. Dream Big and don’t allow the dream killers to kill your dreams. They will tell you that it’s impossible but believe in your dreams anyway. They will tell you that […]

This is part 2 of my blog “Free Me From My Troubles”. Please Please click the link for part 1. Oh, how I wish to run away and be free; leaving all of my worldly duties behind. The constant flow of emails, phone calls, meetings, my increasingly hectic schedule, and the never ending deadlines. […]