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Thoughts of a Fighter: Days When Wins Feel Like Loses

As the sky turns grey, he sighs and secretly weeps within. He longs for rest but never sleeps. He lay awake all alone throughout the quiet nights listening to his troublesome thoughts. He is deeply distressed by the awareness of his own reality. For the fighter knows what is to come but wonders how long […]

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Free Me from My Troubles

I just want to be free!  I just want to be free! I just want to be free! I ran fast as I could until I was exhausted.  Then I realized I couldn’t escape from the troubles that always seem to follow me. Everyday I feel like a prisoner and there is no one to […]

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Thoughts of a fighter

“Why am I doing this?” – is the question I often ask myself.  You can be fighting for so long that you soon forget what you are fighting for. In other words, every so often I have to remind myself of what I’ve set out to accomplish so I don’t lose sight of my goal(s). […]

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Trust God during your storm!

As he looked towards the sky with tears in his eyes he said these words, “Father, will my troubles ever end? I am constantly faced with many obstacles each day. Although, I know my purpose is worth fighting for; I begin to wonder if it is worth all that I have to endure. You know […]

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